Objectives and professional roles

Career opportunities

The Master’s Degree in Mechatronics and Smart Technology Engineering trains high-profile professional figures with a solid engineering and methodological basis, who are able to develop and design complex mechanical systems by integrating advanced technologies in the fields of electronics, controls and robotics.

Graduates in Mechatronics and Smart Technology Engineering have an overview of advanced mechanical systems, as well as the ability to apply the digital technologies in production systems, industrial products, buildings and infrastructures.

The professional outlet is both at technical and managerial level, mainly within the manufacturing sector, but also in all mechanical sectors pervaded by ICT technologies, such as energy plants, industrial maintenance, transportation.

Graduates in Mechatronics and Smart Technology Engineering deal with:

  • Design of mechanical products equipped with embedded electronics and mechatronic systems
  • Design of components, instrumentation and machines of production plants integrated with IoT technologies in compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements
  • Design of digitised production systems with self-regulating capabilities in compliance with the most up-to-date safety standards
  • Design and deployment of monitoring and control systems applied to a variety of contexts, ranging from homes, workplaces, transport and communication networks, energy plants, smart districts.