Why do you choose this course?

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The Master’s Degree in Mechatronics and Smart Technology Engineering combines traditional aspects of mechanical engineering with specialisms from the ICT, such as electronics, automation and robotics.


Learning objectives

The Course aims to give students professional knowledge and skills to conduct and lead mechanical engineering projects integrating smart ICT, electrical and control systems.


Learning subjects

The Course covers a wide range of fields including energy, mechanics, electronics, automation. Please see the detailed study plans page.


Programme structure

The course offers two curricula (Mechatronics, Smart Technology Engineering) enabling students to orient their choices with reference to the objectives and learning paths most in line with their own interests.

  • Mechatronics
    The curriculum Mechatronics aims to train mechanical engineers to develop projects involving mechatronic products, i.e. mechanically-based systems on which information engineering technologies (such as electronics and automation) are grafted.
    The curriculum Mechatronics is taught 50% in English, 50% in Italian.
  • Smart Technology Engineering
    The curriculum Smart Technology Engineering is aimed at providing mechanical engineers with additional knowledge and skills in the field of ICT. The smart technologies are seen in different contexts, such us manufacturing plants (Smart Manufacturing), building automation and human activities (Smart Living). The curriculum Smart Technology Engineering is entirely taught in English.


Learning methods

The first-year study plan includes a set of compulsory courses for both curricula. In the second year, the students have a wide choice of different subjects to deepen their knowledge and to diversify their skills.
In the second semester of the second year, students will carry out a multidisciplinary laboratory activity. In this course, students will be organised into small groups and will carry out project activities in collaboration with industrial partners under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team of professors.



Course Coordinator Prof. Giuseppe Franchini

Responsible for Study Plans Prof. Paolo Gaiardelli

Responsible for Recruitment Prof. Alessandro Colombo