Organization & Quality Assurance

Program Director
The Course Coordinator is Prof. Giuseppe Franchini

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board of the Degree Program is composed of members from industry, professional associations, scientific and technological research institutions. The establishment of the Advisory Board responds to the guidelines of the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Research (ANVUR).

The main objectives of the Advisory Board are as follows:

  1. facilitating and promoting the relationships between the university and the economic and productive sector;
  2. analyzing and suggesting updates to the teaching programs and the study plans; information available on the study plans, the teaching programs, the employment and satisfaction surveys of graduates and companies;
  3. promoting a deeper understanding of the trends in the labor market and the evolution of training needs;
  4. minimizing the gap between the academic training programs and the needs of industry.

The Coordinator of the Degree Program annually meets the Advisory Board.

Advisory Board composition
Antonello Antoniazzi, ABB
Paola Gregis, Brembo
Sara Pavesi, Confindustria Bergamo
Francesco Rota, FAE Technology
Stefano Ierace, Intellimech
Donato Musci, Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Bergamo
Antonia Biava, Persico Group
Andrea Natale, Marco Ruggiero, Schneider Electric
Fabio Chiesa, SMI Group
Roberto Sannino, STMicroelectronics
Vincenzo Manzoni, Tenaris

Assurance quality group AQ
Prof. Giuseppe Franchini
Prof. Paolo Gaiardelli

Prof. Giuseppe Franchini
Prof. Paolo Gaiardelli
Prof. Bruno Zappa